About FACEMAKER clinic

Facemaker is a project that brought together professionals in the field of programming and prototyping, anthropology, genetics and the visual arts to embody this vast knowledge base in plastic and craniofacial surgery, interest in our methods of work allowed us to enter the operating rooms of many world surgeons, collect many different methods of operations and great Colleagues.

The main reasons to cooperate with us

  • More than 13 years of experience. Our specialists regularly undergo training in the USA, Austria and Germany - due to this, you can be sure of the high qualifications of doctors. We combine medical engineering and artistic expertise to make our work aesthetically pleasing.
  • Individual approach. Each person is absolutely unique. This proves a simple fact: for many years of work, we have not found identical models of nerve exits, muscle tissue attachment or the size of bone structures. That is why we apply a thoughtful individual approach to each client in accordance with his needs, wishes and features of the body structure.
  • Unique technologies. We work closely with leading engineers and technicians - this allows us to use innovative technologies and tools during operations, and therefore, to guarantee patients an excellent result.
  • Fast postoperative recovery. Detailed identification of nerve exit points, muscle tissue attachment and cranial ligaments reduces the risks of surgical intervention to zero. Postoperative rehabilitation is much faster and more comfortable. Recovery rate is increased by 37%.
  • Committed to innovation. Despite all our achievements, we are confident that there is no limit to perfection. We are constantly working to improve the quality of services, looking for, and most importantly, finding new methods to improve the appearance of our clients.

Copyright patented technologies:

Volumetric Modeling Technique. Based on a detailed study of the relationship between the internal and external structure of the patient using computed tomography (CT) of the skull and the latest software developments. Allows to achieve phenomenal reliability in predicting the appearance of the client after surgery.

In addition, the modern technique of 3D modeling helps our team to prepare much better for each surgical intervention, since we receive complete information about all vital and potentially dangerous areas of the face.

Cellular technologies. Helps achieve amazing results in skin rejuvenation and accelerate the healing process of damaged tissues.

It is easy to find a new image - contact the FaceMaker clinic by phone+7 (916) 750-4563 or via the feedback form on the website.

We will definitely help you make all your dreams come true!

Maxillofacial and plastic surgeon.
Anna Slutskaya performs the whole range of reconstructive, restorative and aesthetic face and body surgeries using preoperative 3D modeling.
Work experience over 13 years.
Maxillofacial and plastic surgeon.
Performs the full range of reconstructive, reconstructive and aesthetic operations of the face and body with the use of preoperative 3D modeling.
Work experience of more than 11 years.